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Bees metamorphosis

As a beekeeper, it's important to know the status of the hive and brood lifecycle. To offer our members and visitors with further information, I have scoured online and borrowed some information from some very useful web sites. Hyperlinks, acknowledgements and references to these sources are detailed at the conclusion of the page.

Metamorphosis of Honey Bees

Development of honey bees resembles the metamorphosis in butterflies. The stages of development and also the length of each and every phase for a member of staff bee receive by the after sequence:

egg (3 days) -> larva & prepupa (8 days) -> pupa (9 days) -> adult

complete development time = 19.5 - 20 days

The egg and early larval phases live-in uncapped brood cells. The very last two days of the larval phase, the pupal stage, and the very first half-day regarding the adult stage occur beneath capped brood cells. Here information of honey-bee metamorphosis includes references of the time in days. The research point is the moment the egg was laid because of the queen bee.

Table 1. Moults associated with the Honey Bee

Time Workers Queens Drones
Time Stages Moults
first Larval first Moult
2nd Larval 2nd Moult
3rd Larval 3rd Moult
4th Larval 4th Moult 4th Moult(sealed)
gorging closing
11 prepupa fifth Moult
13 pupa
16 imago 6th Moult (introduction)
21 6th Moult (emergence)
23 6th Moult
24 Introduction

Tips of Metamorphosis

This product was built as an amalgamation of those two internet sites:(unfortunately, the pages have actually since expired).

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