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new nucs just arrived!Dancing Bees Farm produces pure natural honey and honey services and products. Jeff was a Master Beekeeper since 2001 and it has over twenty years of bee knowledge! We both tend to be active people in Altan Evangelical Presbyterian Church and also a menagerie rescued pets, including BoBo, our pot belly pig! Robin works 2 times weekly outside the bee farm as a corporate sales person for amazingly Shoppe and works with regional businesses, non-profits, and universities in supplying crystal recognition honors.

!bee-in-the-approach- After plenty of prayer, we thought that Jesus had been leading united states inside direction together and then we have not searched right back! It involves lots of work, but gives us both most joy to pursue this enthusiasm known as ‘beekeeping’!

We named our company “Dancing Bees” as honeybees perform numerous “dances” to communicate with other bees things like where best pollen/nectar sources tend to be also instructions to these resources! They are doing all of this in a “waggle party” made to assist the other bees make a “beeline” toward most readily useful pollen/nectar resources very effectively.

Our 33 acre farm has many sources of plants for the bees to check out for the wildflower honey, including numerous Tulip Poplar woods, crazy buttercups, and nice clover. We believe this provides our honey a very distinctive taste that our consumers state takes all of them back once again to their childhood.! numerous consumers inform us it surely helps their allergies as well!

Besides our regular honey, we've whipped spreadable honey in a number of frut and fan tastes, beeswax lip balm, moisturizing lotion cups, nut -n- honey toppings, raw beeswax, crystallized honey bathtub scrubs, and a number of hand-made beeswax candles! Don’t forget gift baskets for many occasions also!

Hope to see you at our two farmers areas: Matthews Community Farmers marketplace, Saturdays 8am – 12pm or Charlotte Regional Farmers Market in Building C on Yorkmont Road, Saturdays 8am – 2pm!

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