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Beekeeping Wisconsin

Welcome to the Brown County Beekeepers Association

  • Discover ways to begin in beekeeping.
  • Talk to the newest advancements in honey industry.
  • Meet other beekeepers and share your understanding and experiences together.
  • Help promote beekeeping therefore the honey industry.
  • Teach the general public about honey bees and honey

The Association

The Brown County Beekeepers Association positioned in Green Bay, Wisconsin is a 501(c)3 non profit team and any contributions are tax deductible to the full extent regarding the law. Our company is aimed at marketing beekeeping and honey business in Northeastern Wisconsin. The Association exists to simply help the hobbiest and commercial beekeepers in their attempts to be more informed in the area of beekeeping and also to enable them in order to become more effective and productive.

Membership inside Association is available to any resident of Brown County or adjacent counties whom raises bees. Dues are because of on January 1st of every year consequently they are below: $20.00 each year for a single individual and $30.00 for a household. Dues for new users joining the club after August 1st would be at half-price. Addititionally there is a year free account for any person belonging to a youth team until age 18. Send payment to:

C/O BCBA Treasurer

1418 Chicago St.

Green Bay, WI Checks made out to Brown County Beekeepers Assoc.

Great things about account consist of registration to the monthly newsletter – The Brown County Honey Bee, The Speedy Bee Newspaper, discounts on honey recipe publications and no-cost usage of video clip tapes on beekeeping.

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