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In class one, we took a review of the placement of a hive, the hive stand therefore the bottom board. Then, within our last concept, we examined the deep hive human body. These classes can be viewed at anytime by simply scrolling down or right back.

These days, let us take a look at the honey super. Some new beekeepers pronounce "very" incorrectly, calling it a "supper", like that which you consume at night. It only has one "p", it is therefore pronounced the same as when you state, "super size it please." Since we have currently talked about the 2 deep hive figures, occasionally also known as deep supers, today we're looking at the supers which are placed above the hive chamber, over the deep hive systems. They're the supers we place on hives with the intention to remove whatever honey the bees store in these supers.

The width (16 1/4") and level (19 7/8") will be the exact same for all containers, including the honey super. The difference utilizing the super is the height. There are three sizes useful for honey supers. Beekeepers with strong backs sometimes make use of the deep dimensions, 9 5/8" tall. A rather common dimensions are 6 5/8" high. This is also known as the Illinois super or a medium super. Then there's the tiny super. Its 5 5/8" tall.

Discover a picture of three sizes, alongside. As you can see, the only difference could be the height, that is very critical, because greater the height, the more expensive the frame tall, and the larger the frame, the greater amount of honey it may hold. Consequently, a-deep awesome saturated in honey can load close to 90 pounds. A medium close to 60 pounds and a little 30-40 pounds.

There are limits while using the little super. There is no plastic foundation designed for that dimensions super. And, during huge nectar circulation, you are going to need to super your hives more frequently. Also, it will take exactly the same length of time to uncap a tiny awesome as it does a-deep or moderate super. And, you can get a lot less honey from a small super for similar quantity of work. In a future concept, we are going to discuss when and how to add supers. But for now, we have been just getting acquainted with the hive elements.

Some beekeepers only use 8 or 9 structures in a honey super, although some utilize all 10. It does make a difference. Demonstrably, if you utilize 9 structures, the brush on each frame will likely be slow broader by the bees, hence making far more area for the honey. It is a fact that a 9 framework super will often contain more honey than a 10 frame because all nine frames tend to be bigger and certainly will hold a total that surpasses 10 smaller drawn frames. Wider combs are easier to uncap as the brush exceeds beyond the wooden frame, allowing the uncapping knife to ride across the wooden frame as a guide and uncapping all cells. Often if structures are not pulled down after dark wooden frame side, the uncapping blade are unable to uncap the recessed cells. In our hives some have actually a total of 9 many have actually a complete of 10 structures.

To help achieve the 9 framework spacing, a material frame rest is normally made use of. This frame sleep differs from the simple framework rest for the reason that it actually has notches to put up each of the 9 frames, offering a fantastic spacing between all 9 frames. Be prepared for a couple of challenges with 9 frame spacers. Very first, you cannot slide your structures horizontally. These are typically held firmly within the notches. Periodically you need to slip your frames. But if you employ 9 framework spacers, you'll have to raise all of them upright and out to move them. Next, various spaces all over steel notching gets quite gunked up with propolis, providing good concealing places for wax moth or small hive beetle to cover up and put eggs. If you don't end up having these insects, then it's not an issue. Notice the build of in this image on a 9 framework spacer railway below.

We will talk about supering a hive in the next example, however for today, you can easily spot as many supers on your hive as your bees wish refill. I routinely have about 2-3 supers back at my hives through the Spring and Summer.

Our next lesson will be the two final pieces to the hive, the internal address additionally the external cover. See afterward you!

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