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Beekeeping Society

We're the Beekeeping community, the proud people who own two hives! Our aim is always to give all pupils a way to encounter beekeeping hands-on and find out about the fascinating everyday lives of bees. Because bees play such a vital role in general through pollination, we in addition promotion with their preservation and for bee-friendly gardening

We hold regular weekly inspections on our hives which any person is welcome to come along to. Several of those hive assessments would be have a go occasions, in which you will be able to see inside the hives getting a feel of the way they work, and ideally meet with the queen! We've bee-suits open to use, so don’t be concerned about getting stung.
We additionally draw out and jar our personal delicious honey, which is on sale in the pupils’ Union and New Roots. This honey may be the celebrity attraction of your honey-tasting socials held inside Fox & Duck, where you can become familiar with various other beekeepers over a pint many honey-smothered crumpets. We frequently run other social occasions also, allowing you to satisfy everybody from experienced beekeepers to beginners.
Annually, we provide the possiblity to finish the Sheffield Beekeepers’ Association beginner’s program, that may coach you on all you have to learn about handling your personal hives. This happens in February/March and it is greatly subsidised by united states, but locations are limited


We're in addition members of the exciting collaboration with other green kind communities such as for instance Bird Watching and pupils consumes (among numerous others), and we'll be doing plenty of shared occasions with them in the foreseeable future or pointing individuals what you want to get involved with their activities. Here is the url to the internet site to see just what is being conducted and this is actually the twitter page

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