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Registration is when you report the number and place of managed hive(s)/colony(ies) into the Agricultural Commissioner.

Registration is effective to you personally in a number of techniques:

• Our Entomologist and/or Apiary Inspector can be found to help you with honey bee dilemmas.

• Registered apiary owners can request is notified whenever a pesticide labeled harmful to bees has been used within one mile of the hive(s) place.

• Your subscription makes you element of our honey bee network that provides you with up-to-date honey-bee wellness, analysis and regulatory information.

• you will end up informed of educational options that promote beekeeping most readily useful management methods to have healthier and effective European honey bee colonies.

State law needs all beekeepers with any apiaries within the state to register yearly using the Agricultural Commissioner. There's absolutely no registration cost for nine or a lot fewer hives as well as the registration cost is only $10.00 each year for those who have ten or even more hives. Unless you register and you are clearly reported into the Commissioner, condition legislation enables fines around $1, 000.

Install the current Apiary Registration form and mail it to us with your $10 registration fee.


Africanized honey bees (AHB) come in San Diego County! The complete County, from desert to coastline, is known as colonized by AHB. This means that you may encounter overly-defensive honey bees any place in the County. Click on the backlinks below to learn more.


Exactly what are "Sensitive Sites"?


The County of hillcrest CANNOT eliminate bees from exclusive residential property. We NEVER suggest that you make an effort to eliminate bees your self. The bees could become agitated therefore as well as others might stung. Please contact a pest control company (look under "BEES" inside telephone directory) to get a nearby company that operates in your area.

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