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Beekeeping Queensland

The Department of Agriculture and Fisheries has action constraints for bee danger products following detection of varroa mites on a feral Asian honey bee hive in Townsville. To maneuver restricted products, please relate to the activity Control purchase as well as for more information read going bees and hives. Report sightings of feral hives, Asian honey bees or hives showing symptoms in Townsville to 13 25 23.

Honey bees create honey and play an important role in stability of nature. Bees are specifically essential for pollinating agricultural and horticultural crops plus the residence yard.

Pollination is important for the viability of several pastoral companies, market landscapes, orchards and seed companies. Honey bees tend to be believed to add $1.6 billion into the Australian farming and horticultural companies.

Following the best practices outlined inside guide will help you meet the safety criteria and minimal requirements of beekeeping in Queensland.

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