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In 1771, reformer and philanthropist Robert Owen was created in Wales. He became generally "a capitalist whom became the initial Socialist." Owen started work as a clerk at age nine. With assistance from a sympathetic fabric merchant to whom he had been apprenticed, Owen informed himself. Owen had been an unbeliever by 14, influenced by Seneca, along with his friend with chemist John Dalton and Samuel Taylor Coleridge. By 18, Owen established a little spinning mill in Manchester. He married the child of a Glasgow cotton fiber maker, purchasing his father-in-law's New Lanark mills in Scotland. Owen set out to place his humanitarian creed into practice, and switched New Lanark into a model community attracting the eye of reformers across the world.

Owen put up the initial infant-school in Britain, and a three-grade school for kids under ten. He appealed to the federal government alongside manufacturers to follow their lead, but was rebuffed by clergy-led opposition when his views on religion became well known. At a public meeting calling for "villages of unity and cooperation, " residing earnings and knowledge for the bad on City of London Tavern (Aug. 21, 1817), Owen called "all religions" false. He sought to limit hours for son or daughter work in mills in 1815, and saw passage of a watered-down Factory Act in 1819. Owen's Essays in the Principle regarding the Formation of Human Character (1816) were his significant treatises, by which he informed: "Relieve the human being head from worthless and superstitious restraints."

He founded New Harmony, a model settlement in Indiana, in 1825-28-a failed endeavor that he signed up to their sons Robert Dale and William Owen. Owen typed discussion regarding the Evidences of Christianity (1829). Owen founded the Economist in 1821 to market his modern views, additionally the New Moral World in 1834, alongside an ethical motion labeled as "Rational Religion." Their "Halls of Science" attracted lots and lots of nonreligious supporters ("Owenites") and the trade unions. Owen founded other journals. Their autobiography was posted in 1857-58. Joseph McCabe labeled as him "the father of Uk reformers, and something for the highest-minded men Britain ever before produced." (Biographical Dictionary of contemporary Rationalists, 1920). D. 1858.

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