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Beekeeping Houston

Would you like to keep bees in Houston? Get hands-on beekeeping knowledge throughout your very first honey collect. Bee2Bee Honey Collective provides beekeeping solutions to the Houston metro area for specific residents, commercial properties and farmland.

Our Beekeeping Services

A beekeeping solution is where a beekeeper installs and maintains the beehives on the property, whether that is domestic, commercial or farm residential property.

Our beekeeping solution is significantly diffent as compared to ones you'll experience in other cities. Because of our B2B company history, in which data reigns supreme, we will be providing each of our clients with a report which includes particular statistics on how the hive is doing.

Through a hive hosting collective, the target for Bee2Bee will be place beehives in backyards, rooftops as well as on companies throughout Houston metro area. Those who subscribe to the service would work with an experienced beekeeper to set up a beehive, install bees and also have a stress-free discovering experience during that difficult first 12 months and honey collect. If desired, the beekeeper will coordinate because of the hive owner for hands-on beekeeping classes.

The Hive Hosting Program

Prior to we start this system, we have to make certain you include good candidate for program. We're going to preform an onsite assessment, see your property and verify a place for beehives.

Great prospects will:

  • acquire the house

  • have adequate area and sunshine for a beeyard

  • be secure (concealed or fenced)

  • have actually an offered water resource

  • not have a bee-curious puppy

  • not need a life-threatening allergy*

Common Questions

Q: Is beekeeping also appropriate where we reside?
A: Beekeeping is appropriate in Houston. It is possible that the local HOA features limitations, but most tend to be encouraging.

Q: can i own the bees, beehives and honey?
A: The bees together with beehive(s) will probably be your property. Bee2Bee will take a percentage of honey/wax from hive, which will be negotiated on a per customer basis.

Q: Is beekeeping dangerous? Imagine if some one gets stung/is allergic?
A: It is always important to keep safety in mind whenever having beehive(s) on your own property. Each property will require to have an Epi-pen (both person and son or daughter quantity).
*A very small portion (lower than 1percent) of the populace has a life-threatening sensitivity. Bees will typically not be flying around the property, most should be traveling overhead. However, the hive may be covered by a liabilty plan.

Q: Could I learn beekeeping?
A: Yes! The purpose of the hive hosting program is guide you through first honey collect and provide you with the option to take over hive upkeep at that moment. If you're perhaps not thinking about discovering how-to keep bees, it will be needed to either continue beekeeping services with Bee2Bee or search for a honeybee steward. Bee2Bee will continue to be available on a consulting foundation.

Q: What if I move or decide that we no more would like to hold bees?
A: Although we'd love if all of the beehives remained in identical locations permanently, we recognize that life occurs. We could both buy straight back the beehives or move all of them for a fee. It's something that may be exercised.

Q: let's say my bees pass away?
A: It's always a chance. According to the season, we can enable you to get going again with new bees, however, if not, we'd have to pause services. We will have an in depth contract by using these forms of situations covered.

Q: Will I qualify for a homestead taxation exemption?
A: it is possible, regrettably difficult. Harris Country calls for that an apiary can qualify for a homestead exemption if 1) it is on at least 5 miles and no a lot more than 20 miles of land and 2) if it offers evidence it is "agricultural land" for 5 associated with the last 7 many years. A little bit of a stretch for many people, particularly in the city.

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