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Courses are $35 per couple children welcome. Classes are created to enjoy and find out responsible beekeeping techniques.
Beekeeping for some is an eternity hobby of looking after these essential pollinators.

This class targets beginning a beehive in April with a bee package or nuc. Preparing your gear where to put your hive. What to expect whenever starting out. Using the class through annually in bee hive.

Introduction to Beekeeping $35 per couple


In the Dakotabees.com Outlet Shop
9 am to 12 pm

Classes limited to 24 seats per class.

Courses tend to be $35 per couple kids welcome restricted to 24 seating per course. Classes are created to enjoy and discover accountable beekeeping practices. Beekeeping for some is forever hobby of caring for these essential pollinators.
Saturday and Sunday courses begin with a meet and greet from 9 am to 10 am with bagels, fresh fruit, drinks and coffee. Course starts at 10 am with a rest at 11 am and course until 12 pm concerns and responses until 1 pm.
Hi Greg, we attended your course yesterday. Only desired to let you know exactly how much we appreciated the class plus your enthusiasm for Bees.
Many Thanks Greg.

Introduction to beekeeping.

This course focuses on beginning a beehive in April with a bee package or nuc. Planning your equipment locations to spot your hive. What to expect when starting out. Taking the class through a year into the bee hive.

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