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Kelley Vintage PhotoFrandsen Corporation welcomed Kelley Beekeeping to its group of companies in September 2014. The organization ended up being launched in 1924 by the late Walter T. Kelley, an internationally known pioneer and innovator in apiculture. Their guide Simple tips to Keep Bees and market Honey, a vintage primer for beekeepers originally published in 1958, remains available for purchase on Kelley Beekeeping business site.

Walter Kelley made considerable contributions into the beekeeping community with numerous innovations and advancements, including queen cages, ventilated bee gloves, and wired foundation, to bee blowers and synthetic base boards. Mr. Kelley’s acumen for beekeeping along with his capacity to build and sustain a successful business were only surpassed by his individual grace inside developing and improving the community and folks around him. He actively was able the business for 62 years.

In 2012, Frandsen Corporation’s Miller Manufacturing Company started to recognize the necessity for enhancing the bee populace in the united states. These “angels of agriculture” are necessary for plant manufacturing in industry crops, orchards, and house landscapes. Commensurate with Frandsen and Miller’s commitment to American farming, Miller launched a line of beekeeping products with their item number at the beginning of 2014, because of the Walter T.bees Kelley business because their significant provider.

Frandsen immediately saw a kindred spirit in the Kelley organization, featuring its increased exposure of quality, solution, worker development, and neighborhood support. This esprit de corps generated talks of purchase, culminating when you look at the integration of Kelley Beekeeping Company into the Frandsen holding company. Kelley Beekeeping is managed as a sister business to Miller production and a strategic companion in broadening the accessibility to beekeeping materials into retail channel.

Today Kelley Beekeeping has actually one of several largest products in the world to provide all beekeeping requires, from hobbyists to commercial manufacturers. Over 90 percent associated with the 3, 000-plus products is manufactured in america. The organization employs over 100 individuals at its production and circulation operation in Clarkson, Kentucky.

Frandsen Corporation brings extra sources and investment to Kelley meant for the important and developing business of beekeeping. Frandsen embraces the legacy and can continue the rich heritage which was developed by Walter T. Kelley and has been carried on by its workers additionally the Clarkson neighborhood.

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