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Next workshops could be the fifteenth of October and 19th November at Stockleigh.

This will be a complete day workshop. Participants can attend only the morning session should they wish, that will be a theoretical introduction to beekeeping, and/or afternoon practical session. Those that make the mid-day session may help inspect and collect honey from a live top bar bee hive, stress the honey and then make beeswax candle lights, and can take a jar of honey home.

The workshop is perfect for people who have no history in beekeeping. Intermediate and experienced beekeepers interested in learning about alternative beekeeping will find price also. It's packed with interesting and humourous information and a lot of interactivity. Bookings crucial.

Morning (theory) program covers

  • The basics of bee biology
  • A brief overview of beekeeping and beehives
  • Threats into contemporary bee
  • Advantages of beekeeping and expected manufacturing
  • a taste of multiple different honeys
  • The pros and disadvantages various hives
  • Just how to establish and handle a colony
  • Dilemmas, bugs and conditions
  • Splitting your colony to populate new hives
  • Obtaining a license and hive positioning


  • Vegetarian lunch offered
  • Beverage, coffee-and cake supplied
  • 30 minutes

Afternoon (useful) session covers

  • Examination of this bee hive for insects, conditions and issues
  • Robbing honey and wax
  • Processing and jarring honey
  • Beeswax candle making
  • Take a container of honey residence (additional containers and candles available for purchase)
  • Kindly put on light colored lengthy sleeves and pants, wide hat, shut footwear

Morning just - principle (9am-12.30pm) per person, for medical Card owner.
Afternoon just - useful (1pm-4.00pm) per adult, for medical Card owner.
Complete time workshop (9am-4.00pm) per person, for Healthcare Card owner.

Please e mail us to reserve in or even to express interest to-be informed whenever after that workshop is announced. Your interest will encourage us to put up the workshop frequently. Gift vouchers are available.

This workshop will undoubtedly be at my 5 acre farm in Stockleigh, about 40 minutes south of Brisbane. We've 5 top bar hives, 1 Langstrogth hive and very quickly a Flow hive. The workshop compares the different types but we are going to open a top club.

Day and afternoon tea, and a vegetarian lunch will likely to be provided.

From a past students...

"After doing a single day into the work-shop we both thought like we had a great understanding of what to anticipate for the process while the bees. It was a really informative and practical day. I loved how your focus was on which is better for the bees and maintaining all of them safe, pleased and effective. We'll undoubtedly be getting a hive quickly." -Kate

"Thanks for using the informative course these days. It was outstanding summary of natural beekeeping and I adored to see all instances. We’re positively convinced that making use of a high club bee hive will feature inside our yard permaculture yard at some point quickly." -Emma

"Thank you very much for an extremely informative early morning. We enjoyed seeing the beehive, and psychologically comparing procedures with those of my connection with 50 years back.

Your garden honey tasted a great deal nicer than that years back - i believe nowadays people have fewer annuals, and more bushes (quite a few local). Gardens have actually altered over time." -Hazel

"As a permaculture lover I had a long-time curiosity about bees to improve pollination of veggies and fruit back at my residential district block, and also to do my little bit to aid the health of the worldwide bee populace.

However, with little to no knowledge and some apprehension towards handling 30, 000 stinging insects, this stayed only an unclear desire until I rolled up at Tim Auld's beekeeping workshop.

Tim's presentation ended up being informative, fascinating, useful and impressive. After participating in the examination of their top club hive, handling the bees and observing his administration methods first-hand, the prospect to become a beekeeper became a real possibility.

The next week-end I built my top club hive utilizing information amply supplied by Tim. He taken care of immediately my enthusiasm by splitting off one of is own colonies, thus making a queen, and within a few weeks, delivering them to my brand new hive.

I never thought i possibly could get therefore excited about a lot of bees but it's a joy to sit and watch these amazing animals go-about their daily business.

Tim's continuous assistance continues to be good and indispensable and shows his apparent love of bees and aspire to improve the method in which we assist all of them to enhance their customers and hence, those of planet.

I am grateful to Tim for launching us to the world of bees and would recommend their workshop and associated services to you aren't perhaps the slightest interest." -Paul

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