Beekeeping Apprenticeship

Beekeeping Apprenticeship

The Orange County Beekeepers Association (OCBA) encourages beekeeping for individuals of many years and supports beekeeping by young people through Apprenticeship plan. Annually two brand new beekeepers between your ages of 10 and 16 that are now living in Orange County, NC are chosen, supported and sponsored in starting their particular beekeeping adventure by the OCBA. The aim of the Apprenticeship system is always to introduce teenagers to beekeeping and to give you the help had a need to become successful beekeepers. Inturn, OCBA Apprentice Beekeepers commit to promoting beekeeping in North Carolina by finishing certain requirements of involvement inside program.

Through the Apprenticeship Program the OCBA provides the following to the selected Apprentices:

  • Enrollment in the OCBA Bee School at no cost
  • A seasoned beekeeping guide
  • Honey bees as well as the beekeeping equipment needed to start beekeeping
  • A one year membership in Orange County Beekeepers Association

The full total value of this equipment, products and instruction is projected to-be over $600.

Tips employ

The program period for 2017 Apprenticeship plan has shut. OCBA expects to just accept programs for 2018 Apprenticeship system in Fall of 2017.

Whenever programs are now being accepted, interested teenagers can apply to take part through OCBA internet site.

Selected people will show the next inside their application towards the Apprenticeship system:

  • Passion and readiness to learn and be involved in every aspect of beekeeping
  • Interest in creatures, bugs and/or livestock
  • Capacity to work both collaboratively and individually
  • Highly determined and accountable
  • Help of a Parent or Guardian

Requirements of Participation

When an applicant has-been selected to take part in the OCBA Apprenticeship system, the candidate and a mother or father or guardian will sign an agreement to accomplish the next Apprenticeship plan needs.

  • Continue to be a resident of Orange County vermont throughout the Apprenticeship system
  • Properly keep and take care of all gear and products supplied by the Orange County Beekeepers Association
  • Remain in connection with their beekeeping coach on at least a month-to-month basis
  • Keep a diary to record beekeeping activities throughout the year, which might consist of photographs and other material to aid the end-of-year presentation into OCBA
  • Purchase any extra supplies, products and/or equipment needed to maintain the provided honey bee colonies alive and healthier during their involvement in the Apprenticeship plan. This is believed to be between $50 and $150 during the term of this Apprenticeship plan.
  • Attend 8 from 11 regularly planned OCBA monthly group meetings throughout the term of the Apprenticeship system
  • Assist the OCBA Fair Committee when you look at the preparation, development and/or installing of the OCBA show within new york State Fair.
  • Volunteer for and participate in one or more community outreach event on the part of the OCBA
  • Provide a ten to fifteen min presentation at the OCBA month-to-month group meetings on their experiences, findings and lessons discovered in their one-year Apprenticeship.

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