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Beekeepers Handbook

"The Writing is provided in an exceedingly readable way, together with diagrams are some of the clearest I have seen for a long period."—Bee Craft (reviewing the next version)

"a thorough, well-illustrated introduction for novices and a valuable research for experienced beekeeper. The book outlines choices for each procedure within beekeeping, detailing pros and cons of each and every alternative."—AB Bookman's Weekly (reviewing the third version)

"A Stylish reference guide with breathtaking illustrations."—Whole World (reviewing the next edition)

"considering that the publication of very first version associated with handbook in 1973, plenty of novice and experienced beekeepers have actually relied with this book as the preferred single-volume guide to bee maintaining. . . . The 4th version is redesigned, modified and broadened to incorporate the latest results on Colony Collapse Disorder, green integrated pest administration strategies, overwintering protocols and how to get a grip on bee mites . . . this book provides plenty of sound advice." —John Badmin, British Journal of Entomology and normal record (September 2013)

"newbies will see The Beekeeper's Handbook a happiness, and much more experienced beekeepers will discover rereading of benefit while they still master the art and technology of bee colony worry." —Dewey M. Caron

"The Beekeeper's Handbook has actually guided thousands of start and advanced beekeepers inside how-tos with this entertaining and profitable pastime. In other words, it's the best of the best of beekeeping books."—Roger A. Morse (reviewing the third edition)

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Sammataro is postdoctoral specialist at Ohio State.

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