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This Blog is mainly for access by all members of North London Beekeepers and I will post up-dates at the beginning of each month throughout every season. During energetic period it could become fortnightly.

Beekeepers develop their very own ways and you'll discover that a number of my practices vary from the manner in which you had been taught.

My beekeeping techniques have actually changed over the past 35 years, mostly they truly are mainstream, based on the book, but I have adjusted to brand-new means as determined by varroa, weather change along with other beekeepers’ ideas. I read the BBKA News monthly and certainly will recommend articles interesting.

Head to top

How I began

My child emerged residence from school performing the praises of a talk that his college organised on beekeeping, “Why don’t we keep bees?” We became “me”! I was thinking this sounded a good idea and joined a local expert class, tutored by a “Bee Inspector” in September 1977. The evening classes had been once weekly for your associated with college year, about 30 sessions held at brand new End main School in Hampstead. I got myself a hive of bees that Autumn and installed it in the bottom of my yard, prepared for coming springtime. We were holding very extensive sessions.

Practically every thing there was to learn about the craft of beekeeping had been covered. Towards the end of the year we had been in to the long summer time times therefore could start hives up-and take advantage of the working experience. On one of the days, really luckily, my bees swarmed and also the whole course ended up being ushered into my garden and was shown how-to get and hive it.

North London Beekeepers

In 1987 We found the Chairman of North London Beekeepers and joined up with NLB straight away. He shortly got me personally regarding committee and I first became Show Secretary followed by the newsletter producer and magazine distributor. The account of NLB at this time was just about 20, mainly chiefs rather than many Indians? This reached 59 by 2001 when I became Chairman.

Within my a decade as Chairman, we attained four aspects that helped the organization deal with its increasing account:

  1. With a brand new constitution in hand, a fruitful application for an “Awards for All” lotto grant funded an innovative new apiary shed and all its trimmings, in addition better presentation product for the show stand for celebrations.
  2. The courses for newbies were becoming more and more popular and I created these, using a set of tutors doing work in tandem at each and every session. We progressed from an overhead projector to power point presentation.
  3. IT permitted us to deliver most updates and AGM Notices by e-mail, conserving the expense of all of the photocopying, envelopes and postage. Rather a major spending the association.
  4. An up-dated site was developed with a brand new web site admin and an association Logo ended up being created for the first time.

We stepped down as Chairman last year. I desired to learn more about beekeeping therefore took, firstly the BBKA “Beekeeping Husbandry Assessment” and passed, observed the second year because of the advanced version which I failed. We learned carefully for these in addition to understanding I gained has actually allowed me to hold discussion groups for the more experienced people in NLB.

My Bees

Beekeeping into the 1970s & eighties appeared quite simple compared with the 90s and 00s. Many honey had been produced and a lot of of it had been offered through the connection at programs. Early worries were mainly based around swarming plus the neighbours. It absolutely was after 1992 that varroa changed our beekeeping resides. In the beginning We held my hives when you look at the yard for about two decades. I are in possession of 2 apiaries, the main one is in the wilds of St Pancras Cemetery, East Finchley (shown here) and also the various other in a builders yard only five minutes go at home. I've between 6 and 8 colonies.


This pastime has been challenging, interesting, personal, fulfilling and has now taken me into your retirement with a proper purpose in life. The individuals We have studied with, taught, met and worked with have actually, without exemption, already been wonderful in their friendship and enthusiasm.

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