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Developed to the first Warre Beehive measurements, Our beautiful Warre bee hives are manufactured from Western Red Cedar and furnished fully put together.

Details - Your hive containers tend to be fastened with stainless-steel screws throughout, as opposed to nails. This ensures your cardboard boxes remain securely butted while they naturally climate.

Products - just west Red Cedar sourced in your area is employed, which means local people are employed in local organizations, for that reason all my Western Red Cedar travels no more than 50 miles from woodland to workshop.

After product sales help - For successful and enjoyable beekeeping, the acquisition of your beehive includes our correspondence and Natural Beekeeping course.

Also reap the benefits of our phone Helpline - inquire in regards to the Warre beehive / beekeeping. You may be in your garden planning to move your first swarm or nucleus of bees into your hive, including / nadired yet another hive package, or watching your bees’ behavior. Any queries simply pick-up calling and phone the Natural Beekeeping phone Helpline.

Let's help you enjoy your beekeeping and keeping your bees delighted.

A four windowed Warre hive

Warre Beehive Item information -

1 x Warre beehive roof

1 x Quilt (Insulation field) with insulation supplied (Wood shavings from your own hive)

1 x Top Bar fabric (Hessian)

4 x bins. with different choices of windowed boxes

8 x grooved top bars in each box. They locate precisely and firmly onto castellated rooms within each box

2 x Entrance Reducers

1 x Warre solid flooring and landing board

Please e mail us for distribution times before buying…

We accept bank transfers and cheques. For those who have any pre-order concerns, kindly telephone or e-mail united states.

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