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A Bee Hive is a mini-biome found in the Underground Jungle. It's produced from Hive blocks possesses Honey and typically one Larva. Destroying the Larva summons the Queen Bee. Any projectile, tool, tool, or enemy will destroy the Larva with an individual hit, so care should really be taken all over Larva in the event that player is certainly not prepared battle the Queen Bee.

"Discover a big bee's hive deep into the forest."
Discover very first Bee Hive.
  • If the hive seems to not need Larva, try not to swing your tools under Honey unless you are prepared to battle the Queen Bee. The Larva may spawn underneath the area of Honey, hiding the positioning of just one or more Larvae. Destroying Larvae under honey may result in a shock attack from the Queen Bee.
  • Breaking Hive blocks will result in the spawning of a Bee and Honey.
  • Honey forms pools in the bottom of hives. The honey provides a regeneration buff, nonetheless it will greatly slow the ball player's flexibility and work out dodging difficult. Being trapped inside honey pool, combined with your ability to accidentally spawn Queen Bee whenever hitting the larvae, can make you susceptible to numerous hits from Queen Bee.
  • If the hive is adequate, it's possible to be able to construct an arena out of it by clearing the wall space associated with the hive and including wood Platforms. This isn't just useful for the Queen Bee fight, also for the Plantera fight.
  • Avoid pouring liquid on the honey if the Larva is partly submerged to the honey share, since water and honey create honey obstructs. This can break the Larva, causing an unwanted battle to occur.
  • One or more Bee Hive can exist in a global.
  • The dimensions of Bee Hives can influence the amount of Larvae. Bee Hives usually have 1 larvae. Larger Hives can consist of 2 Larvae, and smaller Hives have actually a reduced chance of containing no Larvae after all.

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