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Beehive DIY

Yum, would youn't love fresh honey? At Catseye, we're always fascinated by not merely the honey bee, but the breathtaking hives they produce! Not merely do they create delicious honey which will help with building a tolerance to your local pollen, but honey bees have the effect of pollinating our plants. We want to celebrate these fascinating animals through our own beehive using bubble place. Here is exactly how:

What you need:

  • Bubble place
  • Brown & white construction paper
  • Yellowish paint (washable)
  • Report plate
  • Paint brush
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Black marker

Step one: Making use of the marker, draw a beehive form in the bubble wrap.

Step two: Very carefully slice the shape.

Step three: utilizing your yellowish paint, paint a thin coat on the bubble wrap (bubble part).

Step four: Carefully and rapidly, stamp the coated bubble wrap on the white construction report - reserve to dry.

Action 5: making use of your marker, draw a home regarding the brown construction report, then slashed it out.

Step 6: When dry, draw an overview around your beehive, after that glue the door.

Action 7: making use of a tiny bit of yellowish paint, take your thumb and dab the honey bees all over hive.

Action 8: Once all things are dried out, take your marker and draw each bee’s face, stripes, stinger, and wings.

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