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What's the issue the personal company is solving?

The LRA municipal war in north Uganda displaced over 1.5 million individuals. The location still struggles from decreased earnings, low plants yields and large childhood jobless. Many farmers neither have actually sufficient use of nationwide or international markets nor to instruction opportunities.

So how exactly does the social company solve this problem?

Aryodi operates an integrated bee keeping resource center and is training its bee farmers in eco-friendly bee farming. This rehearse isn't only beneficial to environmental surroundings but additionally more lucrative. The traditional method of obtaining honey, by destroying the bee hives and using fire to smoke cigarettes the bees out of the hives, is changed by a fresh, and much better strategy.

How does the personal company generate income?

Aryodi buys the farmer’s honey items for a set cost. These products tend to be then sold through a joint brand. Besides selling honey nationally and also progressively regarding worldwide market, the social company also provides bee wax products. Altogether Aryodi has already trained over 2, 000 out-growers.

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