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Steve Vai, guitar wizard extraordinaire, executes in Calgary tomorrow night at the Jack Singer Hall. I won’t be there. We respect his skill immensely and also as an ex-guitar man myself (albeit, three to four orders of magnitude below Mr Vai), i'd have enjoyed the program. But seats are $47.75 to $359. For $359, I suppose you can lay on stage with Steve.

If I sat on-stage with Steve (me, within my wheelchair; he, in the beekeeper boots), I’d ask him how he plays after he’s already been stung from the fingers. Steve Vai is nuts about beekeeping. He’s been at it for twenty years, so he’s no newbie. Then I’d ask him what it absolutely was love to play aside Frank Zappa, in Van Halen, Spinal Tap, Ozzy Osborne, Alcatrazz. After that I’d ask if it had been true that he sold 15 million solamente records but blew all cash on beekeeping.

If you got annoyed of the video near the top of this post, you may want to view Steve lighting a cigarette smoker and chatting up brood chambers, attracted brush vs basis, and wildflower honey crops in. I really hope you’ll watch the movie below – you’ll be astonished at exactly what Steve does along with his 1, 000 lb annual harvest. This might be one nice man.

Anyhow, Steve, if you’re reading this before you go on, many thanks for your songs and thank you for visiting Calgary. Take pleasure in the tv show – it’ll be an excellent one!

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