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What's the Georgia Master Beekeeper program?

The Georgia Master Beekeeper plan is an intensive four-step program made to provide individuals the opportunity to increase their particular understanding of all things working with bees and beekeeping.

This program provides participants the chance to find out also teach others about beekeeping and advertise the industry. It can also help establish the participant as an authority and an educational resource inside the or the woman neighborhood.

Personalized training is supplied through a number of classroom lectures and hands-on workshops by experts in the world of beekeeping.

Advanced lectures for subscribed and validated prospects when it comes to Journeyman and Master Beekeeper official certification levels happen from the Thursday morning preceding the Institute right (Friday & Saturday).

Training and certification when it comes to qualified Beekeeper level are incorporated to the Institute Proper routine on Friday and Saturday and highlighted when you look at the formal Program in blue (the less-experienced beekeepers' track).

NOTE: The Institute coursework (Thu, Fri or Sat) is certainly not built to prepare candidates when planning on taking the exams, but is tailored to aid those who are already prepared the examinations to focus on the most important information but an improved knowledge; another element of the curriculum, since it takes place only one time a year, is serve as a foundation for planning for the following level of the program, besides.

Which are the four quantities of official certification?

  1. Qualified Beekeeper: Individual should-be familiar with the basic abilities and knowledge necessary for the start hobby beekeeper (see Certified demands).
  2. Journeyman Beekeeper: Individual ought to be operating as a competent hobby beekeeper aided by the abilities and knowledge for moving into sideline beekeeping if desired (see Journeyman demands).
  3. Master Beekeeper: Individual should be able to be a sideline or commercial beekeeper. Also can show knowledge such places as bee botany, company facets of beekeeping, honey and bee-related judging, bee behavior and other niche areas (see Master needs).
  4. Master Craftsman Beekeeper: Individual must have basic knowledge of all appropriate regions of beekeeping also be an expert in one or higher selected topics. Level is comparable to a graduate system in apiculture at a significant U.S. college (see Master Craftsman demands).

Just how do Georgia Master Beekeepers impact their particular communities?

By 2013, 419 beekeepers have participated in the program, 363 achieving the qualified level, 22 Journeyman, 33 Master, and 1 Master Craftsman.

Apiculture is an 80 million dollar industry in Georgia, including honey, hive products and pollination. Pollination by Georgia bees helps to ensure a bountiful harvest of the state's 700 million buck fruit and vegetable crop. Through their particular are lecturers, TV and radio friends, newsprint and mag article authors and neighborhood authorities, Georgia Master Beekeepers stay the general public teachers and ambassadors that keep beekeeping at center phase of community discourse and policy.

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