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Beekeeping School

The Bee School Certificate plan may be the first-in British Columbia to supply an extensive system in renewable small-scale organic and metropolitan beekeeping. With beekeeping classes and programs offered in numerous sites in Metro Vancouver the Bee class provides equal focus on practical discovering and class room training. The purpose of this system is to show guidelines to beginners, to reinvigorate skilled beekeepers, available possibilities and experiences to simply take hive administration and methods to higher levels.

A honeybee colony is composed of many thousands of individual insects, each undertaking a purpose and an intention that could seem to us arbitrary and disconnected from entire. The colony, through a complex mixture of behavior, environment and communication among bees, kinds a super system that's greater than the sum its components. As a the honeybee hive is more like a mammal in temperament and behavior. That reality plus their unique growth pattern and population powerful over summer and winter that in several ways mimics a perennial plant tends to make understanding and handling honeybees both interesting and difficult.

Is The Bee School Best For Your Needs?

If you should be interested in the normal world and want to just take a led trip into the amazing life of honeybees or long for a deeper connection to ecology to understand the complexities of pollination and pollinators after that this program is actually for you. You don’t have to be a beekeeper to learn about honeybees or to value their amazing capabilities or even get a huge quantity of understanding from using this system. Whether you know nothing about bees but desire to occupy the craft or already are a seasoned beekeeper the Bee class Certificate program emphasizes great apicultural methods to give you started right or even restore your commitment to beekeeping superiority.

The Bee class provides the instruction, the skill set as well as the chance to refine and hone your knowledge and comprehension in an integral hands-on learning environment and intensive program of natural and renewable beekeeping.

Beekeeping classes and workshops could be offered throughout the Vancouver location.

Program 1

Starting: equipment and tools; site selection; bylaws and provincial regulations

Session 2

Spring and summertime administration: organic avoidance and control of diseases and insects; comprehending swarming, advertising wellness, honey production

Program 3

Introduction to Honeybee Biology

Session 4

Hive assessments and manipulations: core skill sets, best practices

Session 5

Introduction to IPM for beekeepers: a synopsis of a method of problem solving into the hive including types of prevention and control of bugs and conditions

Session 6

Honeybee Insects and Diseases

Session 7

Products associated with Hive: honey, wax, pollen, and propolis

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