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BEES is a new on line resource for beekeepers at all amounts. The system is entirely web and ready to accept the general public. The dwelling associated with BEES network is broken into three ascending degrees of difficulty (novice, Advanced, and Ambassador) and three general areas of content (honey bee biology, honey-bee administration, and also the honey-bee industry).


Program cost: $25.00
DELTA fee: $10.72
Bank card handling fee: $1.00
Complete charge: $36.72

Enrollment is a la carte; you can easily pick and choose exactly which classes you prefer! There are not any mandates or pre-requisites when planning on taking any BEES course (you don't have to take one out of order to just take another).

  • No previous knowledge required (or unique equipment)
  • Pick and choose specific subjects / programs
  • Find out at your very own rate (30-day accessibility, although almost all participants complete within the first few days)


Wish more details on each program? Click on each program name above, or join and get the full story on our eStore front. If you have an account, logon at the DELTA Moodle website. Together with your no-cost account, it is possible to explore more about the BEES system and connect to other beekeepers on our open-access ‘Introduction to BEES’ Moodle training course.

If demonstrated to large audiences, there are opportunities for discounts! All proceeds get right to offer the NC State Apiculture system and our numerous study and expansion endeavors.

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