Hive of honey bees

Honey on faucet from your own beehive

Both brand new and experienced beekeepers worldwide being testing Flow™ Frames in the last couple of years. This Is Just What that they had to state…

"In 2014 I'd the enjoyment of testing the Flow™ Frames. The bees rapidly accepted all of them and, in less than fourteen days, capped 40 pounds of honey. It had been rather exciting to start to see the first little honey look at socket, after that make its way-down the pipe to the container. Mesmerising.”

John Gates – Canada

26 years with the BC Ministry of Agriculture. Lectured throughout Canada, United States Of America and New Zealand. Beekeeping since 1974

“Mind-blowing! It's not very often some thing is indeed revolutionary regarding strike my head. Saving 20 percent of harvest work just isn't trivial; 40 percent is amazing; 60 % is revolutionary. But 95 % – that is mind-boggling!”

Honey on faucet from your own beehiveMichael Bush – USA
Composer of "Beekeeping Naturally" and another of USA’s most famous beekeepers

“This is a once-in-a-lifetime possibility to totally revolutionise a business. And, yes, I want a Flow™ Hive!”

Peter Dawson
P J Dawson & Associates, company development, Australian Continent and Asia. Author of "Innovative Capital"

"it's been actually interesting to-be contained in the first automatic honey-harvesting product ever. I am truly happy with exactly what the Andersons have attained. Cedar gave me 1st jar of honey ever harvested this way and it is however in my pantry, too valuable to be consumed. Congratulations, you two."

Honey on faucet from your own beehiveRic Richardson
Australian continent's many effective creator

"this is certainly very a development. We'll offer our assistance for this interesting project in any way that we can." Nicholas Mortimer.

Australian Nationwide University (ANU) Apiculture Society

"this can be a revolution. You can see to the hive, see when the honey is ready, and go away this kind of a gentle way."

Graham Anderson
Backyard beekeeper for 40 years

"Fper cent#$! That is the ultimate goal of beekeeping." Murray Arkadieff

Farmgate Honey – commercial apiary, Australian Continent

"I became totally amazed and astonished during the amount of honey that arrived. It had been easy to use and there clearly was very little disruption towards entire hive." Dani Lloyd-Prichard

Bee researcher, University of Newcastle, amateur beekeeper.

“The bees took to it quite rapidly and loaded the container in two weeks. The honey happens clean, no filtering required. The bees get rid of the limits off the brush and begin completing it once again. Great system. I’ve seen this doing work and I also would recommend it”

Honey on faucet from your own beehive Honey on faucet from your own beehive Honey on tap from your own beehive Honey on faucet from your beehive

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