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Thriller BeesThis might be a vital piece of kit if you'd like to check your bees without anxiety about becoming stung. I relate my experiences with financial one half and full fits before graduating to a quality Sherriff bee match.

Beekeeper Suit – Financial, Half-size

As a unique beekeeper used to don’t want to spend a lot of and therefore bought an affordable half-suit, as under. The problem with all the half suit i purchased was that when I bent more than, it started a gap at the back as well as the bees got in. We today reserve this match for my guest beekeepers! In picture below, this visitor got stung through his skinny jeans – a full suit would have clearly offered much better security on their feet.

Beekeeping Match – Inexpensive, Full-size

And so the next phase was to purchase an affordable full bee match (picture below). Once more, this proved to not be bee tight with an absolute space because of the zips at throat together with bees could positively sting through material.

Inspecting Frame - Capped Brood In Centre

With a rather aggressive colony that pursued myself 100m residence and caused me personally most anxiety we started exploring to the ultimate beekeeper suit.

Bee Match – High-quality, Full Size

And these types of study rapidly brings that Sherriff. This UK business (with international distribution) was making top quality bee matches considering that the 1960’s. People in beekeeping community forums rave about their Sherriff bee matches (a number of whom are using the same people for the last 40 many years) and these fits have the recommendation of expert beekeepers working with the Africanised bee as well as gentler honey bees.

I particularly like family members ethos and production strategy. All Sherriff bee matches tend to be individually hand-cut at their particular base in Cornwall then is stitched by neighborhood, very skilled, practiced machinists at their homes. There is something quite modern-day yet artisan about their particular bee fits and method of working.Bee match - Sherriff Apiarist Read more about Sherriff.

Having used the Apiarist suit a few times now – i'm loving it. it is lightweight therefore the zip on neck provides huge self-confidence that it is bee tight. I have however to use this bee fit with an aggressive colony yet – but I’m experiencing far more at ease with the bees.

Ultimate Bee Suit

So possibly I am after my journey to get an excellent beekeeper suit .. unless, perhaps, one-day, i might get the ultimate beekeeper suit … the Beepro by Sherriff.

The greater amount of we read about it, the more Needs it … “features a new innovation in the shape of a substantial brand new Foam Sandwich web lining acting as an additional body shield for those of you seeking to keep bees from increasing if a person is sensitive to bee stings. The thickness of new lining internet holds the outer level of the apparel over the level of the average bee sting from the body”.

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