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How to get honey from bees?

Irrespective what form of honey you decide to harvest, you need to get rid of the bees from the honey supers before you draw out or eliminate the honey. You’ve heard the old adage, “Too many chefs spoil the broth!” Well, you certainly don’t should deliver several thousand bees to your kitchen area!

You need to keep the bees 60 to 70 weight of honey with regards to their very own usage during winter months (less in those climates that don’t experience cool winters). But anything they gather significantly more than that's yours the taking.

To approximate just how many pounds of honey come in your hive, figure that each deep frame of capped honey weighs in at about 7 weight. For those who have ten deep frames of capped honey, you have 70 pounds!

The removal of bees from honey supers can be carried out in several methods. Before trying any of these practices, make sure you smoke your bees the manner in which you typically would when starting the hive for evaluation.

The bees tend to be protective of their honey in this period. Besides donning your veil, now’s the full time to put on your gloves. When you have somebody working for you, make sure they are acceptably protected.

Shaking your bees out

This bee-removal technique requires removing frames (one after another) from honey supers then shaking the bees off while watching hive’s entrance. The cleared structures are placed into an empty super. Make sure that you cover the very with a towel or board to stop bees from robbing you of honey. Alternatively, you should use a bee brush to gently clean bees from the frames.

Whenever brushing bees, you need to clean bees gently upward (never downward). This small tip helps prevent you from injuring or killing bees which can be partially in a cell when you’re cleaning.

Shaking and cleaning bees off structures aren’t the greatest alternatives for the latest beekeeper, because they could be very time consuming, specially when you have countless supers to obvious. And the action will get pretty intense round the hive during this treatment.

Blowing the bees out

One fast way to remove bees from supers is by blowing them on, nevertheless they don’t like it a great deal. Honey supers are taken out of the hive (bees and all sorts of) and stood at a time. By putting all of them fifteen to twenty feet out of the hive’s entry and using a particular bee blower (or the standard leaf blower), the bees tend to be blasted from frames at 200 kilometers an hour. Although it works, to make sure, the bees wind up disoriented and extremely irritated.

Making use of a bee escape board

Just one more bee-removal technique (and far less dramatic) places a bee escape board involving the upper deep-hive human anatomy and also the honey supers that you would like to clear the bees from. Numerous types of escape boards can be obtained, and all sorts of work with exactly the same concept: The bees can travel down seriously to the brood nest, nonetheless they can’t instantly work out how to travel back-up into the honey supers. It’s a one-way journey.

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