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Langstroth Hive Parts

A beginner beekeeper’s guide to the areas of a beehive.

by Anita Deeley at

There are numerous forms of beehives and hive configurations that beekeepers usage. I’m gonna mention the most common kind of hive, which is called the 10 frame Langstroth beehive. The picture above shows the setup that i personally use for my hives.

You will find four basic elements to a beehive. The base board, the supers, the structures together with cover(s). Within those hive elements there are many different choices to select from. A common setup is manufactured utilizing deep supers for brood chambers therefore the medium supers or low supers when it comes to honey. Here is the hive setup I will describe right here.

In New The united kingdomt, the beekeeping period is brief and the winters are long. To be able to maintain the bees for the cold winter months, they should have the exact carbon copy of 2 deep supers of wax, honey and brood (baby bees) just to endure. Wax and Honey they generate next is finished goes within the honey supers. Additional honey and wax which will be not necessary because of the bees could be held by the lucky beekeeper.

Parts of a Hive from Bottom Up

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  1. Hive stay (perhaps not pictured) – This is basically the bottom level of hive that features an angled landing board for the bees. it is not essential and I also don’t usage one. If you choose to use a hive stand it goes on the very bottom. You should utilize something to help keep your hive off the ground, even though you use a hive stand. this is as simple as several cinder obstructs with timber over the top. We made an easy stand making use of lumber.
  2. and one throughout the season. The internal cover is crucial for proper hive manipulation.
  3. Outer Cover– There are several various exterior address types. The cover seen below is a telescoping external cover. Meaning it fits over the inner address with sides that hang-down over the top super. That is a common exterior address in brand new England because of its galvanized metal top and climate resistant fit.

There are lots of various other pieces of equipment you can get once you have the basics down. The significant part is arrive at it, get hive ready and commence keeping bees.

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