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In the south side regarding the Alps, involving the Italian province of Friuli and Slavonia section of Croatia, lies a country of exemplary beekeepers. This might be Slovenia, certainly one of Europe’s smaller nations, whoever populace of a little significantly less than two million can barely match that Bucharest or Cape Town. Slovenia has actually about 8, 000 beekeepers. A quick calculation implies that the united states has actually four beekeepers per 1000 inhabitants, meaning that the Slovenes tend to be undoubtedly a nation of beekeepers.

When sugar was tricky to find, just about any Slovene farm keept bees alongside other domestic creatures. Honey ended up being the actual only real sweetening agent, and wax provided an essential material for the making of candles. Bees had been held in reasonable wooden beehives, which were closely stacked together in many lengthy rows. These beehives are known as “kranjiči” (Carniolans). A wooden bee-house was typically built-in the sheltered section of an orchard. So honey – bee colonies were held in one place, protected from snow and cool when you look at the winter and from sweltering heat in summer.Avsenik-1000_mini through these benefits, such bee-houses continue to be quite popular in Slovenia these days, and donate to the cultural picture of this landscape.

Into the mid-eighteenth century, an original people art, the artwork of beehive fronts, began to emerge in the territory of Slovenia, that has been then a part of the Austrian Empire. This was a time once the artwork of farm furnishings and cup ended up being extensively practised. People artists, impressed by the smooth wood panels regarding fronts of beehives, began to paint photographs on it. These paintings can certainly still be admired these days at the Museum of Apiculture in Radovljica.

DSC_0007copy 1-1000_miniSimple bee-houses became real open-air galleries. Both young and old collected around them to marvel in the colourful images depicting historic and biblical events, in addition to every day town life. Because of the coated hive fronts the bees were able to orient themselves easier, plus the beekeeper was much better in a position to distinguish between individual beehives. This helped him to keep in mind which bee colony had currently swarmed.

The career for the great Slovene teacher of beekeeping, Anton Janša, coincided using the start of hive painting. Born in 1734 in the idyllic hamlet of Breznica near Bled, Janša aided from the farm and, as a new man, held bees. He additionally took up artwork. His need to carry on their education led him to Vienna, in which he graduated from art college with honours in 1769. But he had been not destined to become a famous artist like his brothers.DSC_3067-1000_mini in those days the Austrian Empress, Maria Theresa, founded a beekeeping school at Augarten, and Janša became the initial instructor of beekeeping within school. The serious knowledge of the life of bees which he had brought from their home, and his exceptional perceptiveness and inherent wit, aided him gain a reputation as a great theoretician and beekeeping practitioner.

Janša published two books in German, and many a few ideas expressed during these books appeared simply inconceivable at the time: that drones aren't some kind of water companies, since was indeed believed, but guys that inseminate the honey-bee queen in flight; the queen could be the mom of living beings into the hive, including drones; your old queen flies from the hive utilizing the very first swarm additionally the youthful queen flies out using after that swarm; that bees infested with severe nasty brood are cured when you are shaken into another hive and left to starve for many times. This can be an approach still made use of, and ended up being suggested by Janša, although individuals knew almost no about it condition during the time. Who knows what else our compatriot will have attained were it maybe not for his very early demise during the chronilogical age of 39. He stays a shining example not just to Slovene beekeepers among who he began, but also to Austrian and Viennese beekeepers, with who he worked prolifically.

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