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Queen Honey BeeOnly at longer Lane Honey Bee Farms, we are a family group business spending so much time to aid a lot more people discover and luxuriate in maintaining honey bees. We produce beehives and offer every little thing about beekeeping. Our busiest season is from November-July. So if you are intending to buying hives (woodenware) after that or today as demand in belated cold temperatures and springtime is daunting.

I became not to partial to requeening annual until a few years ago. Used to do only a little test. We requeened about 50 % of my hives plus the spouse I allowed the 2-3 yr old queens to continue. Each half consisted of approximately 25 hives. Undoubtedly, definitely the requeened hives way to avoid it done the hives using the older queens. It had been not really shut. The hives using older queens had lower population of bees, weaker foraging energy, less honey, less every thing. I immediately became a firm believer of requeening a hive every ye

July-September demonstrates become the absolute most strategic time and energy to requeen so that the queen is laying strong entering and coming out of winter months, together with new queen can lay well within the fall to produce lots of younger bees whom should overwinter a lot better than older bees. Okay, so those are a small number of our particular philosophy of beekeeping. Now, let's mention having your hives prepared for the next cold weather. Just what should you do? First, just take one of our courses, "having your Bees through Winter". We'll train you how to reduce your worn-out summertime bees and start raising healthy mite free bees in the fall becoming your springtime bees after winter months.

Cannot feel failing for those who have worked difficult to develop your figures, but now you must cut your hive count in two by combining hives. Combining ten hives into 5 which survive winter months is better than having 8 off 10 perish away. A great deal can probably be said about organizing a hive for cold weather, but the hive with the best potential for surviving the wintertime would be the hive that has been quite strong all-year and contains a young queen. Bear in mind, a stronger hive is more more likely to be pest and disease free, hence overwintering much better given that it doesn't have viruses brought on by mites. No matter how much you wrap your hive, medicate your bees and build a wind break, absolutely nothing does much to enhance a weak hive overwintering well particularly when obtained viruses. Just powerful hives overwinter well enough to explode in spring. Fragile hives that do endure winter months usually are not impressive here 12 months, unless requeened shortly in the springtime.

I really hope this example will inspire and motivate you to make use of the last couple weeks of good weather condition and tense up your hives, supply all of them while making yes they've been ready for cold temperatures.

Get Your Bees through Winter Hives within the winter months

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