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BEEKEEPING equipment plans

This part features a condensed set of all of the plans i've at this time made. These types of plans make use of 7/8ths pine (barn board) as is common in Canada. If you have any requests for equipment go ahead and ask. Basically help you save some money, time, and/or frustration please send myself a donation (switch regarding the remaining). Proceeds are employed in developing equipment, coffee, and cigarettes. Thanks a lot and Enjoy.

Ten Frame

Deep - Standard Deep package making use of 7/8. Commonly used for brood containers. (I operate all deeps).
Deep (Minimal Tools) - made for Bill Reynolds, a deep box that will require just standard resources generate, with no fancy joinery.

Bottom Board - Screened - Can be made from scrap lumber, reversible
Bottom Board - Solid - Reversible bottom board, 3/4 and 3/8 entrances.
Bottom Board - mix - Easy to assembled combination bottom board without investing a lot of money.

Nuc Boxes / Queen Castles

5 Frame Nuc - standard five framework nuc field, top address, and bottom board.
6 Frame Nuc - to be used in conjunction with Honeydrunk exclusive Queen Castle, or by itself.

Queen Castle - Four area, by Two Frames . Shows two variants, one standard box dimension as well as one non standard package level.
Queen Castle - Three Compartment, by Three Frames. Plan just, see above tutorial for building details.
Queen Castle - Honeydrunk Exclusive. Four Compartment, by Three Frames. May be changed into Six Frame dual Nuc, with Six Frame Nuc Boxes capable take a seat on top. Honeydrunk Original!


Frame - Shoulder-less - helpful for uncapping in a honey super, or narrow frame beekeeping. Simple to develop.
Frame - Queen Rearing Cell Bar - used in queen rearing programs, to position grafted larvae into. After that placed into a cell building colony.

Unless usually mentioned, each one of these programs are of personal design. Go ahead and use and share but offer credit where credit flow from. Easily save you some cash, please give cash, bees, queens, equipment, coffee, and/or cigarettes to steadfastly keep up this work.

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