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Beekeeping Courses Kent

KSRC Beekeeping Course - Improver Key Abilities
The KSRC winter season begins 30 days from today on Tuesday 1st November 2016. it's going to be an updated and broadened version of the program we ran last winter to great acclaim, planning to cover a number of the crucial skills regions of beekeeping in certain detail. Bromley Beekeepers Beginners Programme 2016
Bromley beekeepers beginners programme 2016 beginning with a one day training course (£25) within part apiary in Lower Sydenham on Saturday 23 April 10am-4pm. Surrey Beekeepers General Husbandry Program
Surrey beekeepers tend to be running a training occasion directed at anyone who in deciding on taking the BBKA General husbandry assessment beginning 13th February 2016. Bromley 2015 Course for Beekeeper Beginners
Bromley Beekeepers, a part of Kent Beekeepers Association, will be working another training course for many enthusiastic about beekeeping. The program starts on Thursday 23rd April 2015, and operates for ten consecutive days till 25th June 2015. Beekeeping Program 2015
Beginners beekeeping program @ The Beeches, High Elms, Downe, Kent. Starting on Saturday 21st February 2015. Book early to prevent disappointment. Bromley 2013 Winter Program for Novice Beekeepers
Bromley Beekeepers (a branch of Kent Beekeepers Association) will undoubtedly be working another course for many contemplating a beginning in beekeeping. Whilst it is classroom based, there will be an emphasis regarding practicalities of beekeeping, and just how that pertains to those activities and requirements associated with the bees by themselves. The syllabus adopted is developed because of the British Beekeepers Association.

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