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Apiculture (beekeeping) is maintaining honey-bee colonies and gathering honey, beeswax alongside items. The source word-of apiculture is 'apis', indicating bee in Latin. Honey bees are personal types and are now living in large colonies. There are numerous species appropriate apiculture.

Apis mellifera types (western honey-bee) is universally preferred because of the beekeepers in European countries and The united states. There are lots of subspecies of Apis mellifera and lots of local types. Apis mellifera ligustica (Italy), Apis mellifera mellifera (European) and Apis mellifera carnica (Carniolan) tend to be popular subspecies. Apis cerana will be the exotic species handled in tropics for honey manufacturing.

Subspecies of Apis mellifera have already been hybridized by selective reproduction strategies and honey bees with manufacturers like Buckfast Bee or Midnite Bee have already been marketed. Many desirable characteristics for apiculture like opposition to disease, weight to parasites, paid down swarming behavior, respected breeding, really mild disposition are looked for while hybridizing the subspecies. However subsequent generations during apiculture may drop the hybrid vigor and lose these attributes.

Domesticating honey bees is extremely old and evidence of apiculture are available in ancient social items in China, Greece, center East, Near East, Egypt and Maya places. Francois Huber (July 2, 1750 – December 22, 1831) along with his assistant Francois Burnens made step-by-step study concerning the social and colonial lifetime of honey bees and their reproduction and propagation. He'd written their observations in "Nouvelles Observations sur Les Abeilles". For his share to apiculture he could be considered to be "the father of contemporary bee-science".

Earlier on in apiculture, to extract honey, the entire brush because of the colony ended up being destroyed. Later Lorenzo Langstroth (1810-1895) created a number of sliding wood structures within a hive package, making 'bee space' (between 5 and 8 mm, or 1/4 to 3/8"). The honey bees never fill-up this room with wax and then leave it open as a passage.

Specific frame is eliminated without destroying brush for evaluation. The framework with honey could be emptied of honey and return for refilling by honey bees. This innovation of movable-comb-hive gave great fillip towards the apiculture. In line with the Lorenzo Langstroth apiculture model a number of improvements and customization were carried out by apiarists and creators many moveable honey arrive bins can be purchased in the marketplace.

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Apiculture is a form of art by itself, and a beekeeper has to closely monitor his colonies. Management errors just take a big cost regarding honey production and lack of colonies.

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